Robert Gleason Fine Art Studio | (503) 853-5577 | Portland, Oregon

I have chosen to live in cities most of my life because the urban environment allows me the autonomy and independence to define myself and make sense of the world around me. Painting is the tool I use to understand the world and make my place within it.

Cities are rich ground for an artist as they are a physical record of this search for meaning on a grand scale. Every building bears an account of those who built it and those who lived in it. Each spire and slab, each space left open by intention has been shaped by ideas which in turn shape the lives and ideas of those who come after.

The power of the built world has influenced my palette as most of the pigments I used for these pictures do not exist in nature. They were chosen to convey the quality of light reflected from glass and stone, the electric thrum running under a city street, air heavy with urban particle. My work finds its greatest meaning when you, the observer becomes part of the creative act.


The artist at work